Red Bull Racing F1 - RB 16
Red Bull RB 16

The Red Bull Racing RB16 is a Formula One racing car designed and constructed by Red Bull Racing to compete during the 2020 Formula One World Championship. The car will be driven by Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon who are teammates for the second year running. The RB16 is the second Red Bull car to use Honda engines.

The car was planned to make its competitive début at the 2020 Australian Grand Prix, but this was delayed when the race was cancelled and the next three events in Bahrain, Vietnam and China were postponed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB16 makes its track debut at the Silverstone Circuit in the UK, one week ahead of the start of pre-season testing in Barcelona.

Red Bull Racing came into existence late in 2004 – under the guidance of Team Principal Christian Horner – with ambitions to challenge for race victories and world championship titles. Ahead of the major rule changes coming in 2021, the 2020 Technical Regulations were stable and most of the changes, such as access to an extra MGU-K and reductions in testing, being contained in the Sporting Regulations. As such the design of RB16 was all about refinement of lessons learned from RB15 and exploiting areas where gains were still on offer.

With largely unchanged technical regulations for the 2020 season, the RB16 was based on its predecessor the RB15. The RB16 featured a narrower nose with two additional inlets at its front, as well as a redesigned bargeboard area and smaller sidepod inlets. The car also featured a large 'cape' element below the nose, bodywork that was popularised by redbull in 2017 but that Red Bull had not yet adopted. Parts of the rear suspension were raised, and the rear wing featured two supporting pillars compared to its predecessor's one. The team also redesigned the front multi-link suspension of the car, with team principal Christian Horner stating that the intention was to improve the performance of the car in low-speed corners.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen
Alexander Albon
Alexander Albon

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Tech Specs (RB 16)
Carbon Fibre and Composite Monocoque
Front : Double wishbones, push-rod actuated torsion bar springs, anti-roll bar
Rear : Double wishbones, pull-rod actuated torsion bar springs, anti-roll bar
Brake System
Ventilated carbon ceramic discs
Paddle Operated 8 speed Automatic Rear wheel drive
Pirelli P Zero
Power Unit
Honda RA620H
Engine PU Specification
V6 90° (Engine); 1600cc (Total displacement); 15000 (Maximum rpm); 4 MJ (Battery energy); 120 kW | 161 hp (MGU-K power)
Mobil 1
Red Bull Racing F1 Facts
Full Team Name
Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Team Chief
Christian Horner
Technical Chief
Pierre Waché
Honda RA620H
First entry
2005 Australian Grand Prix
Races entered
287 (286 starts)
Constructors Championships
Drivers Championships
Race victories
Pole positions
Fastest laps